Make Downward Facing Dog Your Favorite Stretch!

Downward Facing Dog is a great stretch to stretch your spine and hamstrings - who would not like that? 

However, if you have tightness in your spine, shoulders, hips, ankles or hamstrings this classic yoga pose can feel impossible.  Three tips to make the stretch more effective.  I will use my product, the MINIMAX to modify the position but you could use yoga blocks or cushions to achieve the same effect - it just might take a little time to get the set up correct. 


1.  Place your heels up on the slope of the MINIMAX and firmly press your heels into its slope.  As you get more flexible place your heels lower on the slope. Placing your heels on the MINIMAX, will decrease the weight in your hands and shoulders. Helpful for people with wrist and shoulder issues!  You should also feel like you can push the fronts of your thighs back - lengthening  your spine - oh so good!

2.  Place your hands on the slope of the MINIMAX - which will take pressure off of your wrists and shoulders. This again will help you extend your spine to get the most length in your torso!  If you are still having trouble place your hands on top of the MINIMAX - having your hands up higher will help you find a more effective stretch!

3.  Place your head on the MINIMAX.  This will make everything easier:  pressing the fronts of your thighs back, lengthening your spine, seeking the floor with your heels, opening your midback by rolling your arms outward.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  You can purchase your own MINIMAX at