A Stretch For Your Hips That You Can Do At Work

As the holiday season gets closer, everyone's schedule gets busier.  Do you feel like every moment is a precious commodity?  Do you feel like you do not have time to stretch but you feel tighter and tighter from the holiday hustle and bustle?

If you sit in a chair at work, you are able to do this effective stretch which opens your hips and stretches your gluteus maximus.

Sit slightly forward in your chair and cross the right leg over the left knee.  Gently push downward and outward through the lower portion of the right thigh, which is crossed over the left.  You should feel a stretch in the outward portion of your right hip.  If more stretch is desired,  keep you spine straight and hinge forward from both hips.   Try to hold your stretch for 30-60 seconds as the muscles releases move deeper into the stretch.

The picture demonstrates this hip opener stretch, enjoy!

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