FAQ's for Handibands and Minimax

1.  Why do I need a Minimax?

* If you ever thought, "OUCH! Why does this arc barrel or spine corrector needs to be so hard?"  The Minimax is your solution because it is the most comfortable hybrid arc barrel/spine corrector on the market.  The Minimax's entire insert is made of premium high density foam - making it soft but also supportive. 

* Quality meets versatility in the Minimax!  There are so many uses of the Minimax in the Pilates studio.  It pairs fabulously with the reformer - bringing ladder barrel exercises and more into reformer class.  Its unique shape means you can exercise in any position on it, even rocking exercises are possible - opening so many possibilities in mat Pilates classes.

* If you do not have room for a reformer in your home, the Minimax brings the reformer home and especially if you bundle with the Handibands.  The whole family will love it!  The Minimax not only is a full body strengthening tool but a full body stretch tool.  Great for a tight back or a wound up mind - it can also be used as meditation cushion.

2.  Why is the Minimax so expensive?

It is the foam!  Have you ever gone couch shopping?  The difference in costs between a low end and high end couch is the amount and quality of the foam used in the upholstery.  We did not scrimp on the Minimax's deluxe, made in USA foam insert.  Furthermore, considering the quality of the materials and its unmatched versatility it is on par or even less expensive than other arc barrels or spine correctors on the market.

3.  Will the Minimax's foam insert breakdown?

* Foam gets more supportive the higher in height it is.  The Minimax is 10 inches in height.  Imagine a couch cushion that is 10 inches in height.  The Minimax's foam insert will not breakdown - but it will get even more comfortable with use.

4.  Do  you ship internationally?

* Yes,  if the shipping seems too high, please contact us and we will manually input your international address and double check the shipping rate. Please note that many countries have import taxes, which you may have to pay in order to release the merchandise from customs.

FAQ's regarding the Handibands

1.  What makes the Handibands different from other resistance bands?

* The Handibands patented seamless design means they are your grab and go resistance bands - no forgetting or losing a handle, foot loop, reformer attachment, foam roller attachment or door anchor - everything is always attached and ready for your workout. 

* The Handibands are adjustable from either end   Adjust them to your height, space and fitness level.  If you shorten the length of the resistance band, you also increase the resistance of that band.

* The Handibands easily attach inside door jambs, to numerous sites on the reformer, to Pilates Chairs, barres and to foam rollers - there is no other resistance bands that can do all that!

2.  What is the difference between the orange and the green Handibands? 

*  The green set of Handibands has heavier resistance than the orange set.  The green set of Handibands is similar in resistance to a blue Theraband®.  The orange set of Handibands is similar in resistance to a red Theraband®.

3.  Should I buy an orange or a green set of Handibands?

*  The orange Handibands is a good choice if you are generally weaker in your arms and/or if you have neck and shoulder issues. 

4.  At one end of the Handibands there are two loops, why?

* The smaller loop, is designed to fit around the arch of your foot and does not fall off even as you transition through different exercises. The larger loop is large enough to fit around a knee, a shod foot or a foam roller

5.  Can you attach the Handibands inside a door jamb?

*  Yes, either end can be attached inside of a door jamb - anywhere - over the top of the door, at the bottom of the door or on the sides of the door jamb.  Importantly, each Handibands has its own integrated door anchor so positioning them shoulder distance or hip distance apart is a possibility,

6.  Will the Handibands break?

* Unfortunately, even though the elastic portion of the Handibands is thicker and more durable than other resistance bands, it will eventually break.  It is important to regularly inspect for cuts or signs of wear and to order an inexpensive replacement elastic band when this occurs.