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Tone your body and increase your health with Hooked on Pilates® patented Pilates & yoga props (HANDIBANDS & MINIMAX)!

Gain sleek, lean muscles with the HANDIBANDS by recreating Pilates reformer and tower exercises at home. P.S. Pilates instructors are loving the HANDIBANDS for virtual Pilates instruction.

Increase your flexibility and connect with your body with the MINIMAX which does double duty as a soft but supportive Pilates arc barrel and as a yoga bolster. Feel the difference!

The Hooked on Pilates® equipment is modular - use the equipment separately or together! FREE workouts on Hooked on Pilates YouTube!

Workout anywhere!
HANDIBANDS are the answer!
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Improve your strength, flexibility and posture with the MINIMAX. It is your COVID solution for full body Pilates workouts and Yin Yoga stretches.  Everyone will love it, even your kids!

light to moderate adjustable
With the set of orange HANDIBANDS, you get the benefits of Pilates reformer and tower workouts at home or wherever you are - portable Pilates equipment which fits in your purse - a traveling Pilates studio!
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