Pilates, no muscle left behind! Body friendly props for home, studio & on the go!

PT/Pilates instructor owned & operated

For every level! No one left behind!

Be ageless with a strong core & flexible spine with Hooked on Pilates® body friendly Pilates props!

Joseph Pilates said, "You are as young as your spine is flexible."

Elevate your practice & transform your life with Hooked on Pilates® (HOP) unique equipment, PT/Pilates instructor created workouts, webinars & manuals. Enjoy maximal versatility of use at home, in the studio & on the go! You will LOVE!

Made in the USA of the highest quality materials.

Studios & Influencers Who Love HOP Equipment!

The Hooked on Pilates® (HOP) Story

As a PT/Pilates instructor, Martina created & patented the Minimax & Handibands to maximize your health by making Pilates & yoga, adaptable & accessible. HOP's exclusive equipment is high quality, versatile, portable, body friendly & customizable. The versatility of the equipment is incredible for the home user or the fitness pro. Achieve your top form with HOP! Breathe * Stretch * Strengthen * Evolve


    "The Minimax is amazing!!! The little details, the nonslid feature, shape, quality, versatility, how light it is. I could go on & on...the possibilities are endless..awesome job Martina!!! Now I need to write about the Handibands, which are also incredible!" Marcela Villani, Studio Owner & Instructor


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Minimax cost so much?

It's the foam!

Have you ever gone couch shopping? The difference between a cheap and a deluxe couch is the amount and quality of foam.

The Minimax's ENTIRE insert is made of premium USA made high density foam.

What makes the Handibands different than other resistance bands?

The Handibands are your grab and go resistance band SYSTEM.

Never forget or lose a handle, foot loop, door anchor, foam roller or reformer attachment. Everything is attached!

P.S. 100% customizable to you height and space!

Does my studio need another arc barrel?

The Minimax is guaranteed to create smiles not grimaces - NO pain on boney parts!

Transform your studio of reformers into a studio full of ladder barrels!

Carry four at a time for easy class set up. Very lightweight - clients can easily mange themselves.

Its unique shape opens up NEW modifications and exercises so clients connect better with their bodies.

Will the Handibands break?

Unfortunately, yes.

The Handibands' elastic strap is more durable than other resistance tubing or bands. However, it will eventually break.

Economical replacement straps may be purchased on this site - making the Handibands a sustainable option.

What's the difference between the orange & green Handibands?

The orange Handiband has less resistance than the green.

The orange Handiband is similar in resistance to a red Theraband® and the green Handiband is the similar in resistance to a blue Theraband®

P.S. By adjusting the Handibands' length, you are able to increase or decrease its overall resistance.

Do I need a Minimax for home?

It's a fitness tool for the whole family.

  1. Full body strengthening
  2. Full body stretching
  3. Support for targeted breathwork
  4. Use as meditation cushion
  5. Perfect for small spaces - stores by hanging on a hook!
  6. Bundle with the Handibands and its like you have a Pilates studio in your home.
  7. Toddlers love to climb and slide on it!

How can you use the Handibands in the studio?

Attach to the reformer's uprights. Presto! Tower exercises and/or Konnector® are possible for a fraction of the costs and NO assembly required!

Attach to the side knobs of your Pilates chairs and start creating new exercises.

They even attach to foam rollers for even more mat exercises.

Works great on the Cadillac if the spring tension is too much for certain clients.