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Pilates! No muscle left behind! With Hooked on Pilates® patented equipment, none of your Pilates workouts will be left behind either!

With the patented HANDIBANDS, workout like you are are at the Pilates studio! Testimonial, "HANDIBANDS are amazing! So many exercises you can do & they traveled the world with me." Tracy

With the patented MINIMAX-The Soft Arc, unwind hours spent at the computer with stretches & enjoy your Pilates workouts. Testimonial,"...I like to stretch my core & back after sitting in front of the computer all day...and it gives you a full body workout that isn't the usual boring crunches, squats & push-ups. I'm forever an advocate of the MINIMAX!" Melina

"You are only as young as your spine is flexible." Joseph Pilates

The Hooked on Pilates® equipment is modular - use the equipment separately or together! FREE workouts on Hooked on Pilates YouTube!

Workout anywhere!
HANDIBANDS are the answer!
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When you buy from Hooked on Pilates® You are supporting a Pilates instructor owned small business!

"Injuries Happen - Pilates & yoga restores"


Martina the founder of the Hooked on Pilates® is a physical therapist, Pilates instructor, yoga lover & through this experience created the MINIMAX & HANDIBANDS to help people win at their fitness with targeted home exercise programs.

HAndibands are your
REformer BANDS
With the set of green HANDIBANDS, you get the benefits of Pilates Reformer, Springboard & more wherever you go! A portable Pilates Reformer which fits in your purse - a traveling Pilates studio! FREE workouts on Hooked on Pilates YouTube channel.
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