Single Orange Handiband - Grab & Go Resistance System

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Love training or traveling with resistance bands?  The single orange Handiband is your band!

Adjustable:  The Handiband is adjustable from either end so you can increase the tension by shortening its length.  Giving you more resistance options in one resistance band.

Patented Versatility:  The Handiband easily attaches inside a door jamb and to a foam roller without buying additional equipment.  The door anchors, loops and handles are integrated into the Handibands patented seamless design. Making the Handiband perfect for doing your physical therapy home exercise programs whether for arms or legs. 

High Quality:  Cushioned handle make gripping more comfortable.  The double foot loop system stays put while exercising.  The elastic strap is durable and easily replaced for minimal costs.

Details:  The orange Handiband is similar in resistance to a red Theraband® and is the lighter resistance option in comparison to the green Handiband.

NOTE:  The orange Handiband is the resistance option recommend for doing the exercises in The Corrective Shoulder Exercises Book.  To get the most benefit from the exercises depicted in that book (which you can purchase on this website), it is important to do the exercises without compensations.