About Us

My name is Martina and I am a physical therapist, Pilates instructor, massage therapist, yoga lover and practical problem solver.  I find the human body and movement fascinating!  In 2012, I founded Hooked on Pilates® (HOP). 

I designed the HOP equipment to have maximal quality, versatility and comfort.  As a Pilates instructor/physical therapist, I wanted to empower patients with home exercises programs.  Pilates equipment is often too big, bulky and expensive to have in most homes. The Minimax and the Handibands solve these issues, making them perfect for the home user or for the Pilates instructor wanting to go mobile with their practice. 

On a personal note, my mother is an immigrant from eastern Europe.  While growing up everything had to be practical and multifunctional.  I see her influence on me,  both in the design and functionality of the patented Minimax and the patented Handibands.  

Because the HOP equipment also works great in the Pilates studio. They not only offer innumerable modifications but also create new exercises to increase clients' connection and understanding of the subtle but important aspects of Pilates.  Handibands easily add resistance and contralateral work to reformers, similar to the Konnector® and also attach to Pilates chairs, spine correctors and foam rollers for even more versatility of use.  Finally, the Minimax can turn your reformers into ladder barrels and excels as a streamlined support for meditation, restorative and yin yoga.  Opening up new classes and streams of revenue for your studio!

Please feel free to contact me, if you have a specific problem or restriction that makes exercising difficult for you.  I am here to help your fitness!



Martina Hauptmann PT, PMA-CPT

Inventor of the patented MINIMAX and patented HANDIBANDS

Founder of UDo Therapeutics Inc


2295 W. Exposition Ave

Denver, CO 80223