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A Reformer that fits in Your Bag!

Orange Handibands (light to medium resistance) - A Reformer to Go!

Deepen your Pilates practice! Take reformer with you - wherever you go. They ALSO work great in studio!

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Ageless Fitness:  Workout on your own timetable and achieve your top form! The Hooked on Pilates®  Handibands are the solution for the home user without space or funds for a home reformer or tons of privates and reformer classes.

Affordable:  At home or on vacation, recreate reformer and tower exercises for a fraction of the cost!  In the studio, add new coordination & physical challenges to reformer, similar to the Balanced Body® Konnector but for a fraction of the cost & no assembly required!  Not ready to open your own studio?  Stash a couple of Handibands in your purse and go to your clients' homes, rec centers or offer corporate wellness.

Patented Versatility:  The Handibands patented seamless design has you easily attaching them inside of door jambs, to foam rollers, to Pilates chairs and to numerous sites on the reformer. 

Adjustable:  Easily adjust to your height or to your space.  Great for the whole family! 

Set Your Pilates Instruction Apart:  Offer personalized reformer exercise workouts for your clients to deepen their practice at home or on vacation.





  • Adjustable elastic strap is 35 inches in length
  • Overall length is 51 inches
  • Resistance similar to red Theraband®
  • Cushioned handle for easy gripping
  • Double loop system for easy attachment to feet, foam rollers and reformers
  • Integrated door anchors at either end
  • If elastic strap breaks, easy and economical replacements are available


Keep Handibands out of direct sunlight.

Always check the elastic straps for nicks & cuts - if present, do NOT use - purchase a replacement strap.

If using in a studio or if using frequently at home, consider replacing the straps every year. Especially, if creating high pull situation with Handibands attached inside a door jamb.

FREE Workouts

Free workout support on Hooked on Pilates YouTube channel. Short exercise flows and tips on Instagram. Please subscribe & follow!

Created by a PT/Pilates Instructor

Handibands are the brain child of a practicing physical therapist, Pilates instructor and massage therapist. Her hope is to empower people to win at their fitness with practical and effective exercise tools. The Handibands are amazingly versatile in the studio and home setting!

Made in USA

Regionally manufactured in the southwest of America. Every purchase supports small businesses.

Body Friendly Props

Handibands adjust to your height, your space & your practice! Their patented design makes them your go and go resistance bands for home, studio or on the go!

Customizable to You!

  • Free Shipping

    Delivery is on us for all orders over $100

  • Ageless Fitness

    A strong back means you stand taller with better posture! Handibands challenge your WHOLE body!

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    Love it, or receive a full refund on all purchases

Product FAQ

FAQs for the Handibands

What makes the Handibands different from other resistance bands?

The Handibands are your grab and go resistance band SYSTEM.

Never forget or lose a handle, foot loop, door anchor, foam roller or reformer attachment. Everything is attached!

P.S. 100% customizable - adjust to YOUR height and space!

What's the difference between the green & orange Handibands?

The orange Handiband has less resistance than the green.

The orange Handiband is similar in resistance to a red Theraband® and the green Handiband is the similar in resistance to a blue Theraband®

P.S. By adjusting the Handibands' length, you are able to increase or decrease its overall resistance.

Are the Handibands useful in the studio?


Attach to the reformer's uprights. Presto! Tower exercises and/or Konnector® are possible for a fraction of the costs and NO assembly required!

Attach to the side knobs of your Pilates chairs and start creating new exercises.

They even attach to foam rollers for even more exercises.

Works great on the Cadillac if the spring tension is too much for certain clients.

Will the Handibands break?

Unfortunately, yes. However, inexpensive replacement resistance straps are available on this site to get you back to exercising with Handibands!

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Jeannine Mayo
Happy customer

This company had been so nice to work with, nice quick response to my questions, excited to try their product.