Find Your Personal Style of Meditation and Reap the Health Benefits

Find Your Personal Style of Meditation and Reap the Health Benefits

The benefits of regular meditation are all over the news: reduce your stress, reduce your blood pressure, decrease your pain and now research from Northeastern University states that meditation can even make you a better person by making you more compassionate. 

Meditation is classically done on the floor in a crossed legged position and the focus of the mind is on the breath and stating a simple word (Om) over and over again.  

I have always found it difficult to meditate in the classical sense but I have been finding more success with focusing my mind and breath on a thought: such as friendship, love or success and associating a color with the thought. Yellow for friendship, red for love,  green for success etc.  As I inhale, I imagine a beautiful yellow glow entering my body and bathing my internal self with this incredible light and then as I exhale I send this beautiful yellow glow out to the world - my meditation is on friendship.  You can do this anywhere and anytime and in any position. 

Make your meditation your own to focus your mind and reap the benefits of being mindful.  Please let me know your own personal tips for meditation.  


In the picture, I am sitting on the Hooked on Pilates MINIMAX to ease tension in my hips in order to sit crossed legged more comfortably.  


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