Can Your Dishes Make You Fat?

 The answer is yes! Two researchers ( Koert Van Itterson and Brain Wansink) have looked into the subject and discovered that size and color of your plates matter.

They did a research study in 2008 where they looked at serving size and perception of how much food was eaten.  The subjects were either given a small cereal bowl or a large cereal bowl.  The individuals that had the large cereal bowls ate an average of 16% more than the individuals that had the small cereal bowls.  Interestingly, the individuals with the small cereal bowl felt like they ate 7.7% more than the actually ate.

The same researchers did another study, which was published in the Journal of Consumer Research.  This study looked at the amount of food eaten when served on a contrasting colored plate.  The results showed that if the food matched the color of the plate, significantly more food was eaten.  However, portion size decreased if there was a contrast between the plate's color and the food's. 

Interesting things to think about the next time you serve a meal to your family.  We are all visual creatures.  It is important to realize that how food is presented will effect our waistlines.