A Bundle Of Joy Is On The Way, EXERCISE EEZER Wants To Be There For You!


The OH BABY!  EXERCISE EEZER is a comprehensive Pilates-inspired exercise program designed to take a pregnant Mama from her beautiful baby bump back to her pre-baby shape.  Two workout booklets are included.  Oh Baby!  We Got One On the Way! ( a pre-natal workout, including birthing positions ) and Oh Baby! A Post-Natal Workout:  LEVEL ONE ( a post-natal workout, including exercises for diastasis recti.)  The OH BABY! EXERCISE EEZER and its workout booklets were designed by a physical therapist with extensive experience in both physical therapy and Pilates.  

The OH BABY!  EXERCISE EEZER used in the program allows the Mama to do Pilates exercises usually done at a studio to be done in the privacy of her home.  It packs a lot in a small space.  The OH BABY! EXERCISE EEZER only weighs 5 pounds!  It can be stored by hanging it on a hook. 

Additionally the OH BABY! EXERCISE EEZER can be used as a bolster to increase a pregnant Mama's comfort at rest.  

The OH BABY! EXERCISE EEZER can also be used in a home birth to aid with the birthing process or to practice birthing positions to prepare for childbirth.