How To Make Your Own Gel Ice Pack At Home

 Summer is the season of sprains and aches.  If you have swelling because of a sprained ankle or overworked back muscles,  you should think about putting some ice on the injured area.  This is especially true in the first 72 hours after injury.  If you do not have an ice gel pack in the house, you can whip one up. 

All you will need is 2 ziplock bags in the gallon size.  You need 2 bags so that if you spring a leak in one bag then the other bag is there for back up.  Fill one of the bags with water and rubbing alcohol.  The ratio is 2 to 1.... 2 cups of water to 1 cup of rubbing alcohol.  Fill the bag and place into the freezer.  In 12 hours you should be all set!

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