The Debate of Cardio Versus Strength Training to Melt Fat Has Been Won!

Everyone is trying to get ready for summer because after Memorial Day we will not be able wear our puffy jackets and ski pants.

Cardio training is a great way to shed fat but unfortunately you will not gain muscle.

At any age resistance training is the answer for melting fat and gaining muscle. Post menopausal women were able to main their weight loss and maintain lean muscle mass with regular resistance training (Bea, 2010).  When dieting, obese elderly adults demonstrated increased muscle mass with corresponding weight loss (Frimel, 2008).

So whats stopping you for going heavy?  Do 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions will start pumping up your lean muscle mass.

If you don't want to get a whole set of dumbbells purchase a set of Hooked on Pilates HANDIBANDS because you can increase the resistance by shortening their length.  

The exercise below will build strength in your deltoids and your gluteus medius - multitasking will get you to your fitness goals faster also!