Core Exercises For an Aching Back!

A recent study from the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases, states that one in ten people have back pain. Having back pain takes you from whatever age you are straight to 80!  Every movement hurts...

There is a saying that states, "You're spine is only as strong as your core." However, when your back is hurting sometimes planks hurt and doing sit-ups can do more damage, especially if the cause of your back pain is a disc herniation.  What is a person with an aching back to do?

Do arm resistance band exercises with the resistance coming from behind. Your core will turn on automatically to stabilize your body to move your arms.  You can get creative with your arms exercises.  If you need some inspiration, please check out @HookedonPilates Instagram video posted today (11/3/2019). 1. Chest press 2. Arm reach over head 3. Open and close arms 4. Hinge forward triceps extension. Do 10-15 repetitions of each exercise.

If sitting hurts your back, you can do these type of resistance band exercises standing or in a lunge position. Being in a lunge position will also challenge your balance and rotational stability which will fire your obliques.  To be symmetrical, you will need to do the arm exercises in left lunge and right lunge.

You can use any resistance band that gives your adequate resistance to feel your core brace while doing the arm movements.  The exercises shown are done with the adjustable Hooked on Pilates HANDIBANDS which easily attach inside of door jambs and to fitness equipment (especially to traditional Pilates equipment.)  

The HANDIBANDS are my patented invention  - please help my small business and consider buying a set and/or share my blog if you find it helpful.  Thank you!  Martina