Dynamic Fascial Stretch for Hamstrings & Hip Flexors

Tightness in the back of the legs and front of the hips is commonplace. Sometimes it can feel like even though you are stretching, you are just not getting more flexible.  Fascial tightness and how to stretch the fascia dynamically could help increase your ease of movement.  In reading Robert Schleip's book, Fascia in Sport and Movement, he discuses dynamic fascia stretching concepts: 

1.  Pre-tension in the opposite direction of the stretch

2.  Initiate movement from your center 

3.  Dynamic and rhythmic movement of your body

5.  Ease of movement needs to be retained as increase range of motion occurs 

The focus on stretching the fasica in this manner is to increase the resilience and elastic capacity of your body. This way the fascia of your body is able to regulate force transmission - just right, not too much force - not too little force but just right - for the ease of your movements.

Fascial dynamic stretching is a different from static stretching - where the focus is to hold a stretch for a length of time which has an effect on the fibers of the muscles. 

If you have tightness, consider adding dynamic fascia stretching to improve your body's flexibility and thereby your body's ease of movement.

The video below demonstrates how to fascially stretch the hamstrings and hip flexors. 


In this video, I'm standing on the Hooked on Pilates MINIMAX, a version of a Pilates arc barrel, a piece of small Pilates equipment, often called a Pilates props.  Pilates props can be used in Pilates studios, physical therapy clinics or homes to workout in the Pilates method. 

By standing on the MINIMAX, I have adequate clearance to swing my leg freely and not be concerned about hitting the floor or anything else around me.

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