exercise done in a chair to improve your posture

Five Simple Pilates Exercise to Improve Your Posture at Your Desk

Modern life causes us to spend hours sitting at our desks - creating bad posture - rounded upper back, caved in chest and forward head.  Bad posture sets us up for painful neck and shoulder issues.  

Pilates is a method of exercise that focuses on precise movements to get the most out of every action.  This less than 1 minute  long video demonstrates 5 simple Pilates exercises that will improve your posture at your desk!

The 5 Pilates exercises to improve your posture at your desk are:

1.  OFFERING:  Arms are bent at your sides, reach forward, open arms as wide as you can, feeling stretch in your chest. Do 5 times.

2.  MERMAID:  Reach one arm to the ceiling as the other arm reaches toward the floor - feel like you are the top color of the rainbow reaching toward your pot of gold!  Do 5 times on each side.

3.  SPINE TWIST:  Hold onto the back of your chair and turn as far as you can.  Do 3 times on each side.

4.  BREAST STROKE:  Reach arms up toward the ceiling, circle your arms outward and downward as you lift your gaze and your heart toward the ceiling.  Do 5 times.

5.  SIDE NECK STRETCH:  Hold onto your chair and tilt head toward the opposite shoulder. Do 3 times on each.

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