If Your Ankles Are Working So Is Your Balance!

Are you training your balance? If not, you should be...everyone's balance gets worse as we age. There are number of reasons for this: poor eyesight, inner ears issues, stiffness and weaknesses to name a few.

An important aspect of balance is to develop better micro strategies (which are small movements at the ankles). The better your micro strategies the less chance of having a macro correction! This video demonstrates the subtle changes your ankle does to maintain your balance.

However, you cannot hold on to something because that will turn off your ankles! Stand with your back in a corner (that way if you lose your balance you fall into the corner), stand on one leg and close your eyes. Once your micro strategies start to get too big, open your eyes and regain your balance and then close your eyes again. Give it a try and let me know how you did! Please share this valuable information!

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