Increase Your Pilates Income During the Age of Social Distancing

The difficulties of making a living as a Pilates instructor and/or as a Pilates studio owner during the age of Covid are numerous.  Adding unique, interesting and effective virtual Pilates equipment classes which recreate Pilates Reformer and Pilates Tower exercises at your clients' homes will increase client interest and retention and thereby your Pilates business's bottomline!

An interesting application of the HANDIBANDS is attaching them to a Pilates Chair, you are able to offer virtual Pilates Chair/Reformer classes and/or Pilates privates.

Have you thought of renting your Pilates chairs? With curbside pick-up that is a possibility.  Now you have two streams of revenue (monthly rental of your Pilates chairs and you can requests premium payment for these Pilates Chair Reformer equipment classes).

Another positive change with having your Pilates Chairs out of your studio is that it could increase the distance between your reformers - so that you can be compliant with social distancing requirements once you are able to bring clients back to your Pilates studio.

The adjustable Hooked on Pilates® HANDIBANDS mimic Pilates reformer exercises on the mat. 

Does your client have a door?  Now your client, with the HANDIBANDS, can mimic Pilates Reformer and Pilates Tower exercises! Either end of the HANDIBANDS attach inside of a door jamb.  Handles are out and being exercised with in the picture below but the foot loops could be out.

The HANDIBANDS easily attach to foam rollers! Watch the short video below.


Finally as States, start to open up, there are many restrictions that will reduce Pilates class capacity and many clients (especially those with pre-existing conditions) may not be willing to come back to the Pilates studio.  Maintaining a vibrant virtual Pilates presence will help your clients maintain and increase their fitness during this time of social distancing and help your bottom line.  The HANDIBANDS will help you achieve this, with minimal investment.

If you order 5 or more sets of HANDIBANDS (mix and match the resistance levels), type in the discount code HB10%, to receive 10% off of your order.  The HANDIBANDS are exclusively sold on this website. 

Please reach out with any questions.  Thank you!  Martina

P.S. There are full Pilates workouts with the HANDIBANDS and the MINIMAX (my other invention) on the Hooked on Pilates YouTube channel.