One BIG Tip For Your Ab Workout While Pregnant!

One BIG Tip For Your Ab Workout While Pregnant!

Being pregnant is a special time filled with joy, uncertainty, hormones and body changes.    

Diastasis Recti (a separation of the fascial line, Linea Alba, which connects the right side of the abdominal wall to the left) happens in over 50% of all pregnancies and often spontaneously corrects but sometimes does not. 

Risk Factors for developing a Diastasis Recti:

1.  Older age of mother

2.  Twins and/or gaining more than 30 pounds during the pregnancy

3.  Having had numerous pregnancies

4.  Improper exercise: holding breath, straining abdominals with flexion  (crunches/sit up) or front loaded positions.  For example, if you are unable to draw you abs in during a plank this exercise is no longer appropriate for you - gravity has won.

Using your body's natural way of stabilizing the spine is a good way to engage your prenatal core without over straining nor flexing the spine.  The TIP is to use resistance from behind! 

Doing Triceps in a Lunge with resistance coming from behind will challenge arms, balance and core.  More challenge would be created if more weight were on the front leg and the rear heel would be lifted (not as pictured)

Reaching forward and then controlling the arms and torso to come to vertical will engages the core.  To finish, arms circle outward and come to rest at the sides of the torso.  It is similar to an exercise done on the Pilates Reformer Straight Back with Arm Circle (part of the Front Rowing Series)

The resistance used in the above exercises are from the adjustable, latex free Hooked on Pilates® HANDIBANDs (either end may be attached in the door jamb - here handles are being used but foot loops out is a possibility also!). The arc barrel is the Hooked on Pilates® MINIMAX and this allows for more ease with the seated posture, especially if tightness in the hamstrings is present and gives more space for your baby bump!

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