Peak Your Fitness with Elastic Bands!

The positive results of using elastic bands to increase performance has recently gotten a boost by the release of Tom Brady's book , The TB 12 Method:  How to Achieve a Lifetime of Peak Performance.  In the book, Tom Brady explains that he uses elastic bands instead of weights to maintain his peak performance on the football field. He states this is because elastic bands generate "progressive resistance" - that is resistance which increases throughout your entire range of motion.

I totally agree!  Furthermore, the variety of exercises which can be done with elastic bands is only limited by your imagination.  Take a look at this short video where I'm stretching my left hip flexor and working shoulder stabilization on my right.

The exercise is being done with the patent pending Hooked on Pilates HANDIBANDS - which are sold as a pair, one end has a handle, the other end has a foot loop, they are adjustable in length and may be attached inside a door jamb from either end. They are seamless in their design:  no need for a number of resistance bands because if you adjust the length shorter with the HANDIBANDS, you increase the resistance.