Post Ankle Replacement: Phase 3: I'm Walking-My Personal Story of Rehab

After 4 weeks of non-weight bearing.  I was allowed to take my first steps as long as I was wearing my rigid remove able walking cast.  I purchased an Even-Up which was a lift that I could attach to any shoe....I wore the Even-Up on my non-operated leg's shoe whenever I was walking so that my legs would be even.  If you walk without a lift you will have a waddling walking pattern which can create issues for your back, SI joint, hips and or knees. Below is a picture of my lift.

I also recommend forearm crutches over axillary crutches.  The forearm crutches are more comfortable than having the pressure of an axillary crutch into your ribcage/arm pits. I started off using 2 crutches, extending the arms symmetrically. As I got better, I started to use the crutches reciprocally and finally just one crutch. Below is a video is how to walk with your crutches.

I continued to massage my scar and I also continued to work the range of motion of my toes and my ankle (if you are unsure of how to do this please check out my previous posts). 

I also started to "walk" in my wheelchair to get me around my house - grooving the heel toe pattern - which is what you need for walking. By being in my wheelchair, I did not have to worry about anything except for the heel toe pattern.  I also added a few more exercises.  Please see the video below.

Next week I'll be going over advanced scar massage techniques and walking drills - because I'm out of that rigid remove able walking boot...Yeah!