Stretch Low Back Tightness with Supported Yin Yoga Stretches

People often complain of low back tightness - which is often due to muscular tightness and/or stress.  NOTE: low back issues that radiate into gluts or down a leg may indicate a disc issue pressing on a spinal nerve.  In that case, forward bending stretches could make things worse.  Please consult with your medical advisor on performing any exercise program.

Yin Yoga stretches are certain Yoga stretches that are performed for a longer period of time - effecting change on the fascia and muscular tension by creep.  Creep is the capacity of fascia and muscle spindles to lengthen when placed under constant tension load.  

Over stretching can strain muscles and cause pain.  Thus, supporting your Yin Yoga stretches is imperative for most people.  

When I settle into a Yin Yoga pose, I go to my first barrier - which is not a feeling of stretch but rather a sensation of tightness.  I begin to focus on my diaphragmatic breathing and welcoming the position into my body.  There is no sense of tightening my opposing muscles or being uncomfortable.  As I hold the pose and fascial/muscular creep starts to effect change on my fascia, muscles and joints - I deepen my stretching position.

Below is a video demonstrating Caterpillar a Yin Yoga pose.  The first modification where I sit on the MINIMAX is especially good for people with tight hamstrings, long legs and/or a short torso.  The second modification, where I sit on the floor is generally better for people without tight hamstrings but with a tight low back, a longer torso and/or short legs.

The MINIMAX will support your health and fitness whether your focus is on stretching or on strengthening because it was created in the spirit of B.K.S. Iyengar and Joseph Pilates, who believed that props were necessary to unlock the physical potential of their followers.

Please reach out with any questions because I am the inventor - Women in Biz!