Stretch Your IT Band to Decrease Pain In Knees, Hips and/or Your Back

Stretch Your IT Band to Decrease Pain In Knees, Hips and/or Your Back

The IT Band ( Iliotibial Band) is a dense fibrous band of fascia that runs from the outside of your knee up to your hip.  In the body, because of fascia, there are never distinct end points.  Because of this the IT Band also connects your hip to your low back.  So potentially a tight IT Band can cause pain at your knee, hip and/or back

A really great stretch for the IT Band may done in standing. Please watch this short video and give the stretch a try because there are some valuable pointers in it...such as placing a lot of weight on the stretching leg AND to press the pelvis forward and keep the pelvis forward as you side bend....otherwise the stretch is not as effect!  You should feel it in the side of your thigh, hip and waistline.

The IT Band gets tight because as we use our legs the fascial links increase in number and get tighter.  Thus, runners often have tight IT Bands.  It is important to get the IT Band massaged or use a foam roller to work the fascial links on a regular basis.  However, stretching is important also. 

Below is a picture of me using the HANDIBANDS to do a lying down IT Band  stretch....the HANDIBANDS work well for this stretch because the foot loops are made out of webbing and do not give as the stretch occurs ....Stretches work better with inelastic want all the give to occur at your IT Band!

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