Stronger Hips Equal Stronger Pelvic Floor Muscles and Less Leakage!

Most people know that engaging their pelvic floor muscles with a squeeze from below or in other words, "doing a Kegel exercise" can increase the strength of their pelvic floor muscles.  Thus, decreasing urinary leakage when coughing, laughing or jumping. 

Did you know that around half of the women doing a Kegel exercise are doing them wrong?

If concerned that you are not doing the Kegel correctly, seek medical advice from a specially trained physical therapist OR start strengthening your hip and gluteals.  There is research (Reilly, 2008 & Jorde, Women's Heath PT Jnl 2014) and books (Beyond Kegels by Janet Hulme) that discuss how children and women, respectively, have decreased their urinary incontinence symptoms by training their hip muscles and never doing a Kegel exercise. 

Hip strengthening exercise include hip abduction (as pictured), hip extension, hip adduction and importantly hip external rotation are all important strengthening directions!  Please reach out if you have specific questions...