Tips to Improve Your Posture!

People often say that you can grow taller with Pilates! 

I hate to tell you that you will not grow physically grow taller but rather you will learn how to use the whole length of your body and especially the length of your torso.  There is no slouching in Pilates!

Try this postural awareness exercises:  if seated, focus on lifting your torso up and out of your hip sockets. A colorful image could be that your torso is filled with Helium and you are floating up toward the ceiling - up and out of your hips.  Try it ...did you feel taller?  Did you feel lighter - like you were beating the effects of gravity?

Another tip: work on the strength of your back....I have a saying, "tummy time is not just for little babies but for adults that want to have a strong and straight spine." The exercise below is being done with the patent pending HANDIBANDS, the resistance of the HANDIBANDS is helping me lift up into spinal extension. The resistance is also giving me something to press into with my foot and something to reach through with my hand and as I do this I focus on the length that this creates!


Another tip is to develop strength in your core with a straight do planks instead of sit ups and crunches.  The exercise below is a great version of the plank which is not done as frequently.  However, this plank (Table Plank) will not allow any sag in your low back as you hold the plank position because your knees are bent.  Try the Table Plank and let me know what you think.

I hope you find these tips helpful and something that you can add into your fitness routines.  Please share the information if you found it helpful.  Thank you!