Pilates Arc Barrel/Yoga Bolster, the Minimax

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The patented MINIMAX is the lightest, most comfortable and versatile version of a Pilates arc barrel and/or Iyengar Back Bending Bench.  B.K.S Iyengar and Joseph Pilates recognized the need of props to assist and support the movement and/or flexibility of their followers.

The MINIMAX was created in this spirit and will strengthen your whole body, improve your posture and increase your flexibility!  There are innumerable Pilates exercises that you can do, ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced. The MINIMAX also excels in support of Restorative Yoga poses. Once you are finished with your workout, the MINIMAX is easily transported and stored by its handle - making it an excellent choice for home workouts.

The MINIMAX is constructed of high density foam and covered with easy to care for vinyl.  To prevent slipping there are anti-skid strips on the bottom of the MINIMAX.  Underneath is a large pocket where you may store your HANDIBANDS.  The MINIMAX and HANDIBANDS are manufactured in USA of the highest quality.

You may use the HANDIBANDS in conjunction with the MINIMAX and you can even attach the HANIDBANDS to the MINIMAX for more exercise options.  There are a number of exercise flows on Instagram and full length workouts on YouTube - search for Hooked on Pilates.

The patented MINIMAX is a wonderful option for physical therapy and medical clinics where the focus is on manual treatments, dry needling and/or modalities treatment.  The MINIMAX may be used as a positional bolster for clients lying prone, supine or sitting on a chair - making these treatments more comfortable for the client and more accessible to the clinician.  Of course the space saving design and portability of the MINIMAX allows for a full body exercise and stretching machine to be easily moved around the clinic.

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