Pilates Bands, adjustable resistance light to moderate, Handibands by Hooked on Pilates

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Wanting to improve strength, flexibility and posture with Pilates? The Hooked on Pilates®  HANDIBANDS are your solution whether you are a Pilates studio owner, home exerciser or a frequent traveler.

Their patented seamless design brings amazing exercise versatility to each setting!

The HANDIBANDS easily attach to traditional Pilates equipment AND may be used on a mat or in conjunction with a door AND they are adjustable to your height!  

1.  Add coordination & physical challenge to new & old Pilates Reformer exercises similar to the Konnector but for a fraction of the cost & no assembly required! HANDIBANDS easily attach to numerous sites on the Pilates Reformer (pulley riser knobs, shoulder rests, foot bar etc) but unlike the Konnector, the HANDIBANDS can remain attached to the Reformer as your clients perform exercises they are familiar with! 

2. Increase capacity at your Pilates studio by attaching them to the side knobs of Pilates Chairs and now you can do Reformer exercises with the Pilates Chair as another instructor teaches on the Reformer.

3.  Add variety to your mat Pilates classes, they easily attach to foam rollers AND they adjust to the height of your clients!

4.  Set your Pilates practice apart by offering home or travel exercise programs for your clients to deepen their practice at home.  The HANDIBANDS are like a Pilates Studio you can take home!  Recreate Reformer, Tower, Springboard, Ped-o-Pole Exercises wherever you practice because either end of the HANDIBANDS can be attached anywhere in a door jamb - foot loops out or handles out!

There is no other resistance band on the market that can do all that!

The orange HANDIBANDS is similar in resistance to the red Theraband® and is  preferred for clients with neck and shoulder issues.  However, because they are adjustable, you are able to get more or less resistance by adjusting the length of the HANDIBANDS.

They come as a set of two so you can workout like on a Reformer. 

They feature cushioned foam handles for easy gripping and is the door anchor when attached inside a door jamb where the foot loops are out. 

The HANDIBANDS have a  double foot loop system where the smaller loop is meant to be used when barefoot and will stay put even through exercise transition. The small loop is also how they attach to the Reformer's shoulder rests or pulley riser's knobs.

The larger loop of the HANDIBANDS is meant for when wearing shoes or when attaching to a foam roller. This part of the HANDIBANDS is also where there is an integrated door anchor so you can attach them inside a door jamb with handles out.

There are a number of FREE workouts on the Hooked on Pilates®  YouTube channel that will give you workout options using the HANDIBANDS on a mat, attached to a foam roller, attached inside a door jamb or attached to a Pilates Reformer. 

Created by a female physical therapist/Pilates instructor and they are made in USA!

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