Minimax - The Soft Arc - Great for Pilates Reformers & Mat

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Minimax - The Soft Arc - Great for Pilates Reformers & Mat
Minimax - The Soft Arc - Great for Pilates Reformers & Mat
Minimax - The Soft Arc - Great for Pilates Reformers & Mat

MINIMAX, the only holistic fitness tool - Stretch, Strengthen, Reset!

Multifunctional in the Pilates Studio:  Easy set up for your Pilates mat classes, carry four at a time from the handles.  Your clients will love the MINIMAX because its patented softness means no pain on their boney parts. You ALSO will be amazed at how versatile it is on the Pilates Reformer.  You can use it in any position on the Pilates reformer, modifying exercises for beginners or special conditions or adding challenge for your clients.  It can take the place of other props such as the pre-natal wedge, moon box (the small box), and is the arc barrel for reformers! 

Multifunctional in the Home:  Stretch and strengthen your body in any position on the MINIMAX, making it ideal for modifying exercises for special conditions such as breast cancer survivor, pre-natal, post-natal, fusions, osteoporosis etc.  Lastly use it as positional bolster to elevate your limbs or prop yourself up in bed.

Patented Versatility:  Its unique shape is inspired by Joseph Pilates and BKS Iyengar. Strengthen your body with Pilates AND unwind your tightness and stress with supported meditative yoga stretches.  Connect your body and mind for complete fitness!                                                         

Pressure Relieving Softness:  Strengthen and stretch with no pain on your boney parts!  Its soft but supportive qualities will improve your exercise technique and have your connecting with Pilates exercises and finding the release in yoga poses like never before!                                                                                   

Created by a PT/Pilates instructor:  A cornerstone of physical therapy is to empower patients with home exercise programs.  In an effort to bring targeted therapeutic Pilates and yoga exercises home to her patients, Martina invented and patented the MINIMAX.

Made in USA:  The MINIMAX is made of the highest quality materials.  The insert is entirely made of the high density foam that will not breakdown.  It is covered in vegan leather.  To prevent slipping, anti-skid material is sewn to its bottom.  Side loops make for easy connection of resistance bands or the HANDIBANDS.  Lastly, the handle makes carrying and storing the MINIMAX a breeze. 

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Compact Dimensions:  It is 10 inches in height, 20 inches wide and 22 inches long and weighs five pounds. Stores by hanging on a hook - great for small spaces.

The MINIMAX is simply the most versatile Pilates and Yoga tool for home, studio or clinic use.  Feeling is believing!

Discount for bulk orders - please contact us for discounted rates.

With your purchase, you will be supporting a physical therapist/Pilates instructor owned small business manufacturing in USA!


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