Minimax - The Soft Arc

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Minimax - The Soft Arc
Minimax - The Soft Arc
Minimax - The Soft Arc

Feel the difference of the patented Hooked on Pilates® MINIMAX, its softness means no more pain on your boney parts - thereby creating a better mind body connection!

The MINIMAX's inner core is made entirely of high density American foam.  Its supportive softness and capability to be used in any position on the Pilates reformer or on a mat, opens up a host of new and old Pilates strengthening exercises in the studio or at home.  Also excelling in modifying for many orthopedic & medical issues. 

Furthermore, its unique softness and shape makes it ideal for whole body supportive stretching - where time, position and gravity, softly and effectively lengthens muscles, fascia and opens joints via creep. Keeping focused on breathing and the sensations of the stretches can be used to focus the mind and open your practice to meditative stretching.

The MINIMAX's handle makes carrying up to four a breeze and is a great way to store, by hanging on a hook.

Finally the MINIMAX may be used as a positional bolster to elevate legs and/or aide with positioning of clients for manual and dry needling treatments in the physical therapy or chiropractic clinic.

The MINIMAX is simply the most versatile Pilates arc barrel/spine corrector/bolster for home, studio or clinic use.  Feeling is believing!

The MINIMAX is covered with easy to care for vinyl.  To prevent slipping, there are anti-skid strips on the bottom of the MINIMAX.  The dimensions of the MINIMAX are 10 inches in height, 22 inches in length and 20 inches in width.  It weighs less than five pounds.

The MINIMAX was created by a physical therapist/Pilates instructor/yoga lover who wanted to empower people to create effective positive change in their bodies with whole fitness.

Discount for bulk orders - please contact us for discounted rates.

With your purchase, you will be supporting a woman owned small business manufacturing in USA!


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