Minimax - The Soft Pilates Arc Barrel

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Minimax - The Soft Pilates Arc Barrel
Minimax - The Soft Pilates Arc Barrel
Minimax - The Soft Pilates Arc Barrel
Minimax - The Soft Pilates Arc Barrel
Minimax - The Soft Pilates Arc Barrel

Minimax - Stretch, Strengthen, Reset -  Patented Whole Body Fitness!

Max Crossover:  Strengthen the whole body with Pilates.  Lengthen tight muscles with streamlined support for restorative & yin yoga. Use as a support for seated or lying down meditations.  Great tool for directing breath to improve rib mobility and correct dysfunctional breath patterns.

Max Utility:  Use as a Pilates arc barrel on mat.  Transform reformers into ladder barrels for a fraction of the cost!

Max Comfort:   Minimax is soft but supportive.  Improves technique & connection with Pilates exercises because NO PAIN on boney parts!!! 

Max Accessibility:  Exercise in any position on the patented Minimax.  It will become your go to exercise tool for modifications for clients from pre-natal to post-natal from osteoporosis to post-surgical                                                                                                   

Mini Dimensions:  Minimax is 10 inches in height, 20 inches wide and 22 inches long and weighs five pounds. Store by hanging on a hook - great for small spaces.

Max Satisfaction: The Minimax is made of the highest quality materials.  The insert is made of the high density foam that will not breakdown.  It is covered in vegan leather.  To prevent slippage, anti-skid material is sewn to its bottom.  Side loops make for easy connection of resistance bands or the Handibands.  Lastly, the handle makes carrying & storing the Minimax a breeze.  Made in USA  

The Minimax is simply the most versatile Pilates & Yoga tool for home, studio or clinic use.  Check out Hooked on Pilates YouTube for video support.

Discount for bulk orders - please contact us for discounted rates.

With your purchase, you support a woman owned small business manufacturing in USA!



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