Get Fit With Hooked on Pilates Portable Pilates Equipment for Travel, Small Spaces and Studios

Hooked on Pilates® offers workout solutions for apartments, studios and physical therapy clinics where budgets and spaces are too tight for traditional Pilates equipment. Hooked on Pilates® equipment is lightweight and easily stored by hanging on a hook and will fit in your budget (MINIMAX) and/or your suitcase or your purse (HANDIBANDS)!

The patented MINIMAX is a lightweight, soft but supportive Pilates arc barrel and comes with or without attached, adjustable resistance bands. The patent pending HANDIBANDS takes your Pilates workout on the road with you. They come as a set:  featuring adjustable, latex-free resistance bands, handles, double foot loop system and the capability to attach either end in a door jamb.

The patent pending HANDIBANDS are your solution to taking your Pilates workout on the road or working out in small spaces like your apartment. They come as a set:  featuring adjustable resistance bands (in two options for resistance), a cushioned handle and double foot loop system.  They also can be attached inside a door jamb from either end. The HANDIBANDS are a portable Pilates reformer and/or Pilates tower which fits in your budget,  suitcase, your purse, your apartment or small space!