"I have found the HANDIBANDs to be a great tool when working with clients and can recommend it as a home use resistance band to help strengthen muscles that otherwise do not work effectively when doing a general Pilates floor routine." Allan Menezes, founder of Pilates Institute of Australasia, Australia

"The MINIMAX has helped my clients feel the essence of certain exercises that they have not felt before." Lindsey, Pilates instructor and studio owner, Colorado

"I have used my HANDIBANDS attached to my reformer, to a foam roller, to my pilates chair, to my minimax and even to my bed headboard!  No other bands compare for strength and variety of ways to use.  I especially like that you can attach them without needing a hook mechanism." Geri, Pilates lover, Missouri

"I take my HANDIBANDS everywhere, so I can do Pilates on my travels.....with the HANDIBANDS you have quick results in a short amount of time." Daniela, Pilates instructor and studio owner, Switzerland

"The MINIMAX helps with positioning of my pregnant clients, they appreciate how soft the MINIMAX is."  Jen, Pilates instructor, Colorado

"I do some HANDIBAND exercises using the door jamb- side twists, forward punches and the cross-body pull downs while sitting. I am able to do this at the gym so it’s great, and I take my band with me when I travel.  Love resistance type exercises, and not a fan of machines at all."  Tracey, Illinois 

"We use the MINIMAX as a positional bolster when doing manual therapy treatment in our physical therapy clinics. The MINIMAX decreases muscular tension in the hamstrings to allow deep soft tissue work and dry needling." Greg, physical therapy clinic owner, Ohio

Hooked on Pilates (HANDIBANDS) has contributed an affordable and durable product to the Pilates accessory market. If you are looking for new ideas for using resistance bands in a Barre class, in private instruction, or in group fitness training settings for Mat Pilates, purchase this productNola, Pilates instructor and studio owner, New Hampshire