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Train with a P.T. & the inventor

Online Personal Session

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Now offering one on one Pilates virtual sessions either through FaceTime (iphone ) or Zoom - it is your choice!

Targeted workouts are personalized for your needs.  Choose personalized instruction with mat, Handibands, Minimax, reformer and/or Pilates chair.

All virtual Pilates instruction is with, Martina Hauptmann, a physical therapist, practicing since 1995 and a Pilates instructor since 2003.  She has instructed Pilates and physical therapy workshops to Pilates instructors and physical therapists nationwide since 2008.  She is also the inventor of the patented HANDIBANDS and patented MINIMAX.

To schedule your virtual instruction, please email with your request.

I look forward to hearing from you and excited to help you with your fitness and health goals!

Session length

All sessions are 45 minutes in length. It can be helpful to have your tablet, phone or laptop on a rolling cart or chair to easily to enable a more perspectives on the exercises.

Ageless Fitness!

Discover how breath, posture and muscle imbalances are at the root of your pain and injuries. Evolve your fitness and achieve your top form - no matter the stage of your life!

Pilates sessions with Martina a seasoned P.T./Pilates Instructor

  • Stretch

    If your spine is stiff, you feel old. Learn exercises with or without HOP equipment that will increase your flexibility.

  • Breath

    We take over 20K breaths in a day. Learn how your breathing style is negatively effecting your health and fitness. As Joseph Pilates said, "Above all, learn how to breath properly."

  • Strengthen

    Discouraged that injuries reoccur - slowing your fitness journey. Strengthen your body in a balanced way that corrects long standing imbalances.

FAQ's on Personal Training with Martina

Not sure if Pilates is for you?

Yes it is!

Pilates develops a balanced healthy body, no matter your age or sex.

Pilates teaches you how to maximize your breath to improve your core strength, flexibility and focus.

Precise exercise decreases chance of injury and improve your posture. Stand tall and win the war against gravity!

Will it be worth my time to train virtually?

Fitness and/or Pilates instruction is only good as the instructor.

Martina is truly a unique instructor who is fascinated by anatomy, movement, compensations, injuries and is genuinely curious to see if she can help you break through to a NEW level of health and fitness.

She has been practicing physical therapy since 1995 and teaching Pilates from 2003.

What does ageless fitness mean?

Each chapter of your life has its own challenges.

Martina personalizes each workout to whether you are pre-natal or post-natal, osteoporotic or getting ready for ski season.

What can I do with the Minimax or Handibands?

Make the most of your purchase of the Minimax and/or Handibands.

Minimax is a compact, effective solution for chronic back, post-surgical pain issues and so much more.

Handibands are a studio or gym that you can take home or on a trip with you.

Ask specific questions about how to use with your reformers or how to begin your wellness journey post baby or surgery.

You will get practical tips and best practices for the HOP equipment from the inventor.

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