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Claim Victory Over Pain!

Corrective Exercises for the Shoulder Book (printed option)

NEW shoulder exercises & tweaks on typical exercises which will reward your time & effort with more motion and less pain!

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Claim victory over shoulder pain and improve your posture!  If your posture is rounded  - your shoulders do not move well.  Fix one and solve the other!

This easy to understand book is filled with pictures, great tips, effective exercises and stretches.   

Brand NEW exercises will seem magical in their ability to get your shoulders moving better (ZOA Biceps Curl, Rhommin Stretch and Seran Press). 

You will also learn a number of tweaks to commonly done shoulder exercises.  One of these tweaks is covered in the free webinar on this website - A Simple Fix for the Rotator Cuff (watch time 15 minutes) - priceless information!

NOTE:  The orange Handibands (the lighter resistance option) are recommended for getting started with these corrective exercises.

Written by PT/Pilates Instructor

Discover the power of corrective exercises to change your shoulder health immediately! All of the exercises depicted are developed by a practicing physical therapist/Pilates instructor. A cornerstone of physical therapy is to empower patients with exercises they can do at home. These exercises work!

Ebook & Printed Options

Make sure you pick the option which works best for you. Note: ebooks cannot be printed.

FREE Shipping & Guarantee

Free shipping on domestic orders over $100. 30 day money back guarantee - you will love!

Immediate results!

Callie, a professional MMA fighter, "Wow! This is how I want my shoulder to feel before sparring!"

Feeling is believing...

Unsure this book will help you?

Why have I never heard of corrective exercises?

Martina's professional experience & self study of anatomy & musculo-fascial connections lead to these breakthrough exercises.

You will not find these exercises & tips anywhere else.

Still not convince? Watch the FREE webinar on this website, The Simplest Fix for the Rotator Cuff, to understand how a small tweak to the position of the hand makes all the difference!

My shoulder is too messed up to be helped....

It is important to follow the advice of your medical professional. But if exercise is to be tried before surgery, ou need to give these exercises a try.

Not every exercise will help you but you are guaranteed to find tips, tweaks and new exercises which will make your shoulder move with greater ease.

Finally, consider scheduling a virtual session with Martina, the author and physical therapist.

Do you have $30 or $15 to invest into your health?

The tips, tweaks and exercises are only found in this self published book.

The price of the book is a small investment for the value you will receive!

There are a number of exercises where you do NOT need any equipment.

However, there are some exercises where an orange Handiband is helpful. This is because sometimes using a handle is better and sometimes using a loop is better. The Handiband has both integrated in its patented design

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