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Claim Victory Over Pain!

An Exercise Tip to Fix Tight & Painful Shoulders! FREE Webinar!

NEW shoulder exercises & tweaks on typical exercises which will reward your time & effort with more range of motion and less pain!

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Got 15 minutes?

This short video will explain the anatomy of the rotator cuff & how posture can effect the health of your shoulder.

Created by a PT/Pilates Instructor

A cornerstone of PT is to empower clients with targeted exercises. After doing a deep dive into anatomy, it became clear that the position of the hand needs to be taken into account for shoulder exercises. This video explains the tweak - knowledge is power!

Smart Exercises

Shoulder pain & rotator cuff issues are intertwined. This webinar explains how a small tweak to a commonly done exercise will have your arm moving better! "When you have your health, you have everything..." Augusten Burroughs.

for Healthy Bodies!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kat Ferris
Fix Shoulders

This video and the exercises are very informative and helpful. Definitely will be using theses with my clients!

Patrice Stock
Game changer for shoulder mobility

I have the pleasure of working with Martina. She is always curious when it comes to movement & exploration of what’s possible inside of it. I have incorporated this into my sessions with clients who have lack of mobility in overhead and extension away from their center of gravity. With just doing a few, focused reps- we are able to access increased lift and extension of the arm! It’s magic!