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Get going with Pilates & Handibands!

Handibands Manual - Focus on Mat Pilates & Pilates Tower Exercises

Learn exercises to recreate reformer exercise on mat & recreate tower/Springboard exercises with Handibands attached inside a door jamb

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This is the definitive manual for fitness and medical professionals using the Handibands in their practice.  

The manual includes over 150 exercises.  The manual is divided into chapters based on exercise position (supine, side lie, standing, attached inside a door jamb etc).  The exercises are clearly depicted with text and pictures that demonstrate the start position and end position of the exercise.  Recommendations for adjustment of the Handibands are given for different heights of the user.  Targeted muscles for the exercises are given. Finally, programming ideas for workouts are given to help with development of workout routines.

The Handibands are like portable Pilates equipment which fits in your bag - a traveling Pilates studio - allowing you do Pilates exercises anywhere, anytime!

Tons of mat & door jamb exercises

Exercises for every level from beginner to advanced.

It is a great addition to the purchase of the Handibands especially for bringing reformer, tower/springboard and/or weight pulley machine exercise home or on your next trip.

Authored by a PT/Pilates instructor

A cornerstone of physical therapy is to educate people on specific exercises for their pain issues.

This book features Pilates foundational information about spine position, breath and how these concepts can be used Handibands.

It is a great book that gives the user the information to use the Handibands at home and/or for the medical professional wishing to introduce patients to Pilates and give them an option to do reformer, tower/Springboard or weight pulley machine exercises at home.

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Customer Reviews

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Rachel S
GREAT manual with SO many exercises!

I was so impressed with how many exercises can be done with Handibands! Each exercise has clear instructions and pictures for demonstration. This manual is incredibly helpful for getting the most out of the Handibands!