Simplest Fix for Tight & Painful Shoulders!

Shoulder pain,  rotator cuff issues and poor posture are intertwined. This webinar explains how a small tweak to a commonly done exercise will have your arms moving better and improve your posture IMMEDIATELY !

"When you have your health, you have everything..." Augusten Burroughs.


If you have 15 minutes....just hit play!  


Game changer for shoulder mobility

I have the pleasure of working with Martina. She is always curious when it comes to movement & exploration of what’s possible inside of it. I have incorporated this into my sessions with clients who have lack of mobility in overhead and extension away from their center of gravity. With just doing a few, focused reps- we are able to access increased lift and extension of the arm! It’s magic!  Patrice Stock

Fix Shoulders

This video and the exercises are very informative and helpful. Definitely will be using theses with my clients! Kat Ferris